Perks Of Being A Has-Been

The problem with public opinion is that it varies. Either new evidence pro or con develops, or some famous person backs one side or another. Fads come and go, songs top the charts, then disappear; people like you, then you’re a memory.

Felix was a has-been. He had his days in the public eye, but long gone were the days when scandalous photos were taken and skewed stories developed. He knew it was over when the paparazzi left. Even though charities were helped, no fans screamed for a piece of him. Talk show appearances were a thing of the past.

He had three options it seemed. Stay unknown, be Joe Schmo, Mr. Smith neighbor and raise a family. Or Get back into the public eye the good way or the bad way. He made a poll and posted it to his fanbook page. Which would you rather see Felix do, get busted on drugs at some bar with a new hot female stars, or make cameos, commercials, and play on celebrity game shows?

The poll was depressing. Public opinion was not reliable. He deleted it, and took a peaceful walk.

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