Watching Over Baby

The fourth grader screamed, as he pounded the ironing board, knocking off his perfectly pressed Holy Blood Of Christ Elementary School uniform.
“Is everything alright?” His mother Virginia, yelled from upstairs.
“Just stubbed my toe, Baby” He yelled. Timmy had called his mom Baby after his father’s death. She had been engaged since, but the suitor died when his brakes failed.

The boy clenched his teeth in fear. He knew she would find out that he had killed her dog.
He hated the dog, a suitor’s gift. He had dropped a brick on the shitzu, from on top of the garage. He meticulously cleaned every drop, every hair, and buried it in the same place he had buried or dumped suitor’s stuff before.

“It isn’t guilt, it’s fear, fear she will find out. Why am I second-guessing myself? It was perfect. The dog is completely gone.”

He heard his mom scream with joy as she ran in holding a healthy, perfect, unharmed, dog. “He came home, but what is this stuff on him?” The boy’s eyes narrowed.
Brake fluid."

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