The Lamp that Wasn't

All was dark in the cave, except for the glittering gems. There was no way out.

Hopeless, the boy sat down on the cold ground. “Think,” he muttered to himself. But it was no use. This prison is inescapable.

With nothing else to do, he took the object that he was supposed to get, and played with it. Such a strange object, he realized. And dirty, so he began to rub it…

“What are you doing to my mother!” chipped a small voice. He felt something bump into his leg. Looking down, he saw a small cup, with designs almost exactly like the pot he was holding.

This cup seemed angry. “Put my mother down!”
And at this moment, light started to shine in the cave. Only, it wasn’t a cave. And he wasn’t alone. There with him stood the oddest of objects he has ever seen.

They could talk.

“Oh no, he’s here to steal her away, just like that big villager almost did!” said the tiny grandfather clock

“We must get rid of him, before Master comes!” replied the candlestick.

And that was the last time anyone has seen the boy.

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