Roast Foul

Chef was singing softly to himself when someone entered his kitchen singing loudly as if in an amphitheatre. The chef was turned to see who had been singing and when he saw a rooster, he made a very excited “Bork bork!” and started over to where the bird was standing and looking around the room, still singing loudly.

Chef made some more “Bork bork!” noises and danced around the rooster, who had finally fallen silent. Chef grabbed his meat cleaver and suddenly the poor animal was silent no more. Unfortuantely, Chauntecleer did not speak Swedish.

The Frog came in a few minutes later to find the Chef covered in feathers and stuffing a chicken for roasting. Dinner was wonderful that evening and even the annoying blonde pig had nothing bad to say. Apparently, Chef thought, bork bork singing bork bork good vibrations bork bork tastier meat bork bork. Bork bork rosemary bork time.

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