The Teaser's Troubles

Dr. T. E. Azer was sitting in his office at Recat Guns Inc.
He pressed down on his medal for coming in 1st place in the Insultathon, witch caused a secret passage to open up under his desk.
Azer went down the passage, witch closed after he went through it.
He landed in a large room, filled with gadgets and gizmos, and in a corner there was a black box.
Azer looked like it was Christmas morning as he opened up the box.
Inside there was a belt that looked very technological, it was chrome, with a buckle engraved with an ornate T.
When he put it on, a green suit formed around him.
He put on red boots and gloves, walked over to a hole in the floor.
He pressed a button on a console reading “Bank”, stepped into the hole, and slid down a tube to a alley beside the bank.
He emerged from a dumpster, and ran into a bank.
“This is a stickup!” he yelled, "Put the money in the money in the bag, you wimps!
To Be Continued…

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