She Wins, I Lose

Nothing I do seems good enough for her.
Being polite, being a pain,
Not much of a difference.
I get in trouble any way I say things.
I could be an angel of light,
and she would still say I’m an cocking an attitude.
So, what difference does it make?
Get in trouble when I’m being respectful or
Get in trouble when I’m being unmannerly.
Which poison do I chose?
Being pissed at her from unjustly blaming me with a crime?
Or being pissed at myself for being a jerk?
She’s always right, I’m always wrong.
She’s never wrong and I’m never right.
It’s a cycle I’m tired of.
I just want it to stop.
Maybe I automatically get in a bad mood when I see her name pop onto my phone,
because I think, “Crap, what in the hell did I do THIS time?”
Yes, its unwarrented, uncalled for, unprovoked,
But so is her always blaming me for things I didn’t do.
She says I’m always attacking her, biting her for no reason,
But what about all the times when she wouldn’t let me explain and punished me for no reason?

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