I had chosen this moment very carefully. Noiselessly I step into the room and close the door with a soft click.
My past self is lying on the bed, stockings ripped and legs crossed. Her back is turned to me and her chest heaving is as she quietly sobs into her pillow.
I sit down on the edge of the bed and start stroking her back. She flinches but I continue.
Slowly she turns an her eyes grow wide in as she recognises me. Before she can utter a word I put my finger on her lips.
“The rape was bad, I’m here to help” I whisper and then I kiss her. Tenderly at first and as she responds more insistently.
My robe falls open and reveals my erect nipples on my new breasts and my stiff dick. She swings her leg over, straddles me and then I enter her. The resulting sex with my younger self is orgasmic.
Later when she’s asleep, I quietly exit and check my chronometer. “Yes! Stable time loop accomplished.” I would still have the sex change, still build the time machine, but at least I won’t be unhappy with it all any more.

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