Heavy Baggage At The Airport (talk challenge)

“You know, you talk too much.”

It was a sarcastic statement because he never said a word. He was the quietest, shiest guy I had ever met. He simply smirked at my comment. We were sitting on the tailgate of his truck, parked just outside the airport.

The sun settled itself below the horizon, dusk making our features soft. The landing strips were lit up like fireworks on the ground. A huge Boeing came in, all lit up, deafening us and making it impossible to talk anyway.

I mused out loud about where the plane had come from, “I bet there’s a family on there just back from their first vacation to Disney World. Their son got caught shoplifting and their daughter disappeared one night into the room of a cute guy she met down the hall. Their flight was delayed four hours and they are pissed.”

I looked at him, grinning, hoping he’d say something about my story. “Joe?”
He sighed. “You all right?”

I decided we needed a distraction “Let’s get ice cream.”
“No? Okay, we’ll stay and talk.”

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