Worried about Jr.

“I’m worried about him. I think it may be drugs.”

“Are you sure? He seems so sweet and happy.”

“Now, yes. And not that I necessarily want it to change, but this mellow demeanor is a pretty radical change.”

“Well, is that enough to really suspect …”

“It’s not just that. Even his interests have changed. He used to have so much fun playing with his universe. He used to be very involved. He’d spend days there … building things, smiting people, and really just taking an interest in what was going on. Once, he was so busy sending some bears to kill some kids that made fun of a bald man, that he totally missed dinner … that’s how much he cared.”

“You can’t expect a toy to keep him occupied forever.”

“No, but it just happened so fast. It seems like just yesterday he was drowning all of creation because it didn’t meet up to his standards … and now he’s so distant, it’s as if he doesn’t even exist to them. I mean, it’s either drugs or a girl. You don’t think he got someone pregnant do you?”

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