What They Wanted

“We-we killed him!” Matt blurted out between violent sobs that now took over his body. “Oohhhhh my god! Oh my god! We killed him!” Matt was down on his knees beside the bloody hand and his own pile of vomit, his voice distorted by cries.

Shawn went to him and roughly grabbed him by the shoulders. “Pull yourself together!” He repremanded, shaking him.

“But we-we,” began Matt.

Shawn gritted his teeth in anger, and quickly cut Matt off. “We let him get drunk and took him out into shark infested waters. What the fuck did you expect?!”

“I don’t know what the fuck I expected, man. I knew what was goin’ down. I just…I didn’t realize…” Matt’s voice faded into sobs.

Shawn winced. “Okay, this is natural,” he said to himself. “Seeing this actually happen for real is just freaking him out more than he thought it would.”

“You…you cut his hand open,” Matt whispered, looking up into Shawns eyes. “You knew.”

“What does it matter?” Shawn shrugged. “We both hated the bastard. Isn’t this what we wanted?”

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