Mistake #1 (Day 2 part 2)

Stacey walked down the hallway like she did every morning except this time she waved and smiled at Tim. Tim waved and smiled back. The rest of the day went by normally, or at least almost normally. Tim tried to talk to Martin but he would not listen. Martin was still very angry.

After School
Tim began to walk home, it usually took about five to ten minutes but today the unexpected happened. Stacey had taken his bus and decided to walk with him home. They didn’t live to far apart; she’d have to catch another bus to get back home though.

“Hey Tim! Wait up!” Stacey said as she ran to Tim

Tim slowed down to wait for her. She took his hand and resumed walking.

“Oh hey Stacey.” Tim said looking not just a little glum

“Are you ok? You’ve looked kinda sad ever since this morning.”

“Oh I’ll get over it. It’s just Marty I’m worried about.”

“What’s wrong with Martin?”

Tim told her everything that happened except about the 5-day plan.

“Tim are you sure that’s all the happened?”

Tim looked into the distance.

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