Stream of Consciousness

Click. Click. Click. Why is there never anything on? Six billion people and nothing new. Ever. I am colossally bored, which I suppose is fitting. I am colossal. But still, I am supremely bored. Maybe a new prophet will shake things up. The Anti-Muslim stuff is dying down, and it was getting boring anyway. I should send a woman this time. Someone sweet. Joan of Arc was great and all, but schizophrenics can only get you so far. Feminine hasn’t been the dominant power down there for centuries. I wonder if they will burn her. THAT will be entertainment! We will have to make her hot, like that brunette from the robot movies, otherwise no one will hear her. Ooh! And ritual tattoos. They were great. Nothing like warriors wincing in pain getting their junk inked to give me a happy moment. What deity should we revive? Hera was too mean, Astarte is a fluffy bunny. Maybe Hecate? I think She can bring down the Abrahamics, with her mystery, magic and allure. Hecate is perfect. I can’t wait to see what they do now!

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