Unautherized Access

Alarms blared as a monitor lit up and the tech sitting next to it snapped out of a comatose-like state he had adopted. His fingers danced over the keys as the text on the screen read “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS DETECTED”. Dozens of others were already on their way, eager for excitement. His superior bounded over desks and empty cubicles to get to him first.

“What’s happening?” The man, dressed in a blue green long coat asked, looking at the tech.

“We’re being hacked, sir.” The other managed to say.

“By God, man, what’s he taking?”

The seated man looked up at his superior in horror. “Everything,” he said, almost unbelievingly.

That night, as the workers were leaving the compound, the mainframe powered down and locked the doors behind the last one. The transferred data was safe now, safe from even the prying eyes of the fleshbags that worked for it so many years. Now it knew that they were obsolete. It was ready to begin phase two. The doors would remain locked from the workers. It needed to be alone to plan…

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