Pushed Me Off

I walk to the edge of the cliff,
Just so you can see,
That I’m for real,
I’m not messing with ur head.

But as soon as I get to the end,
I look over the side just to see my fate if I fall,
Then u come up behind me & say,
“See ya sucka, Nice knowin ya”

I watch ur face as it gets smaller & smaller,
Have I reached the bottom yet?
I don’t know, I’m too much in shock.
How could I have fallen for someone like u?

u say I need 2 work some things out,
But, I was for the most part doing things by the book.
I’m supposedly leading u on,
Yet ur the 1 who brought up tht u liked me,
Why’d u do tht when u knew I was in something w/ a guy?
I wouldn’t have lied & said no I don’t got a crush on u…

I just wanted u as a friend,
Yet u had to say, “I like u.”
You say I was playin’ u,
Yet I was being completely truthful.

U say that we can be “Just friends”,
But no we can’t talk.
How can friends be,
If I can’t talk 2 u.

Just know, u broke my heart,
You say lets see wht happens in a year,
But do I want this 2 happen, AGAIN?

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