Mystery Girl

Ok, now I promised I would give you a bad coincidence, so here goes:

There’s this ice rink in town that my friends and I go to. I ran into a lot of people from elementary school there, so it’s nice. There’s another thing that makes me happy, running into people you, unfortunately, haven’t seen in a while.

I’m not much for ice skating, so I just rent the skates and chill with my friends because they kick you out if you’re loitering around. I start walking around the rink, probably trying to meet new people…preferably girls.

Then, this girl passed by me, then she turns around and skates back to where I am. That is when she catches my eye. We both look at each other as we slowly begin to recognize who we are to each other.

Reading her mind, I point a finger at the closest entrance to the ice. I walk and she skates over there.

There’s a huge invisible wall between us as we talk, kind of nervous. This is the first time I’ve seen this girl in over three years. We’ve both changed so much..

But who is she?

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