Deus Ex Machina

Rain poured down on the city, brightly lit even though it was well past midnight.
“It’s not fair.” whispered a young man, closing his burned hands into fists despite the pain it caused. “It’s just not fucking fair.”
He almost had him. He, computer genius living like a rat, almost had Christian Blair, famous chief of the Binary Revolution company. He had managed to hack into his system. He had found the perfect loophole to be left legally unscathed after many not-so-legally innocent acts.
But that bastard just had randomly invented a law, and all of a sudden all the cops agreed with him. The power of money.

And so, Ivan had to pay a fine with his miserable savings, and was now in a dark alley hoping that the businessman’s “Revenge-bots” wouldn’t find him.
It just made him so damn furious.

“If this were a book, that would have been the biggest Deus Ex Machina ever.”
Suddenly, Ivan found himself smiling. Maybe he should have been a writer instead, like his father.

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