You’ll never know how much I despise every part of you.
Everything you stand for. Everything you love. Everything you are.
Everything we ever were.

I hate you.

Don’t assume I’ve forgotten all the days before you turned on me.
I remember the summer that you left. I remember how much I missed you.
I remember those three days we didn’t leave each other’s side.
I remember laughing away my worries and confiding everything in you.
I remember being happy…

And then you changed.
Or maybe I changed.
Maybe we both changed.
All I know is it was never the same when you came back.
Maybe I just saw you differently; maybe you had good reasons.
At this point, I don’t really give a shit.

I tried so hard. I tried so fucking hard. I was dying to be what you wanted.
I cared. No matter how many times you said I didn’t, I did.
I cared so fucking much. And you won’t ever know.

You ripped me to shreds…
You taught me so much.

I was never completely me until I decided to be everything you aren’t.

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