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“You’ve been here six times,” Marie grinned behind the small book store counter, “and you still haven’t bought a book.”
“I like the smell,” CES Marley countered, taking a deep breath for emphasis, “What do you do after you close the store?”
Marie’s grin faded a little. “I look after my children. We live upstairs.”
“I’d have never guessed.”
“They’re adopted.”
CES Marley stopped as something tumbled down some stairs through a door behind Marie. Marie gasped and turned away. He could see her hurriedly helping a little boy off the ground and back upstairs. She returned shortly.
“Your kids are pretty special?” he whispered. Marie nodded. “I saw the implants.”
Marie visibly blanched. Cyborg Elimination Specialist Marley grabbed her from across the counter with the intent of restraining her and calling for backup.
She didn’t budge. It was CES Marley’s turn to blanch. He knew he could throw cyborgs weighing 800 pounds.
Marie registered the shock. “Military grade.”
CES Marley realized he had made a grave error.

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