Paradise on Earth

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale
Thats what I keep telling myself. It just rained, and the smell of the wet ground is so soothing. I look around the forest I’m in and I exhale deeply. I.Am.At.Peace. I feel at home here. No worries. No drama. No bills. Nobody needing me, or wanting me, I can just take care of me.. and me alone. Oh and I can breathe. Finally breathe. I find a tree stump that hadn’t been touched by the sky’s tears and I sit down, I take out my notebook and I start writing about the leaves on the trees, the rain and the breeze. I writes about the tree swing that is so calming, and the little pond I found with the waterfall. I write about the little animals of this kingdom of the forest. As I finish writing, I’m somewhat satisfied. I pretty much summed my feelings up about this paradise on earth. I don’t want to go back home, yet I know I have to. I have to get back to reality, so I reluctently leave this paradise on Earth..

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