The Countdown

The sky is large on large days, and small on small days. Jeanette knew this to be true, but she’d never quite understand what it meant.

Until today.

She woke up, realized that the author didn’t have a clue where he was going with this mess, and suddenly noticed that her awareness of the universe had exploded. The sky really WAS large! And so was everything! How glorious! But still, this author guy was kind of scaring her a little. He seemed to be plotting her life somewhat haphazardly, and she didn’t like this one bit.

She decided to take action. What should I do? she pondered… Funny how distracting the world can be when you’re suddenly aware of everything.

Her attentions shifted suddenly, as if forced by the unseen (but quite tactless) influence of the author. She noticed in the bottom right of her peripheral vision there were numbers, and they were rapidly decreasing.

It dawned on her that these numbers counted down the remainder of her life.

As the numbers reached zero, she screamed.


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