[noir 2] Sophia's Diner

Sophia ran this greasy-spoon kinda dive down the street from the station. The food was a guaranteed heart-attack, but she served the best cup of Joe in town. No pun intended.

Marli and I took a seat at a booth in the back. Sophia came for our orders. Dark roast for me, black and bitter like my sixth-grade English teacher. Marli ordered a water on the rocks.

“So when did you last see him?” I asked, taking a drag off my cigarette. I tried to blow a couple smoke rings as she spoke.

“Two days ago. Said he’d be back by midnight, had to run an errand. He never came home, Joe.” She began to cry again, leaving little glistening trails down her cheeks.

We talked for a while. Mess had left with an umbrella and a cassette tape, maybe some cash. Didn’t take his wallet, though.

My cigarette was nearly out, and four empty cups cluttered the table between us. “Let’s take a trip to the radio station, doll face. I think they might help.”

Marli nodded, a little confused.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain along the way.”

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