a feast for two

The cool leaves rasp against my skin. Their earthy smell tickles my nose and makes my mouth water. I inhale deeply and very faintly I can detect coffee and apple flavours. I start searching for the origin of this olfactory delight and soon enough find a large heap of coffee grounds and apple cores – just dumped in the middle of my path. I can sense someone else there too. My hairs start tingling and vibrating. This is the one! It simply has to be! Slowly I sidle over and my hearts beat in excitement as I discover that the object of my affection is the same size as me. Carefully we align ourselves. Contact! The sweet kiss of another skin. I wriggle with pleasure as my pores open and we exchange the the most wonderful of gifts. Then it’s over. My small brain can not grasp the enormity of this chance meeting. We go our separate ways, each carrying the other’s present. Soon our babies will populate the world!

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