Dark Room 1: Digital Dreams


He smiled as the glow flowed in. Dumb fuck – boss don’t have a clue. Milo lay on the bench, naked and aroused. The electrode web in his glossy cap intercepted his nerve signals and slighted in a virtual world of his own creation. The one where she slept.

And then he was on her – in her. Her mouth moved in soundless cry; she thrashed uselessly. He’d learned how to shut off the audio – it distracted him. As he forced himself on her, he thought of his waking world. Boss thinks he’s the one? He’s shit. He don’t even know I’m here.

A minute more, and he finished. He rolled her limp head to its side, whispered in her ear. “You tell – you never wake up. You’re mine, bitch.”

He disconnected, dressed and cleaned up. She lay in the incubator, silent and weak. He looked at her face and savored his conquest.

Boss don’t know shit. Built himself goddamn cyberpussy, and doesn’t know what he’s got.

He walked out, and the door clicked shut on the lab.

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