Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

The prophecy must be wrong. Simon Smith trudged dejectedly along the steep hiking trail, thinking. “This child shall be a Hero, more Super than any other.” Easier said than done.

Ever since he was old enough, he had been searching for his power, but nothing worked. He’d been bitten by spiders a few times, but it never turned into anything except an allergic reaction. He wasn’t a millionaire. Never found a magic ring. Unexposed to radiation. Definitely not an Amazon or an alien. It was getting depressing, and at 32, Simon was pretty sure he was getting too old for it anyway.

He paused to catch his breath near a clutch of trees. I think I’m done, he realized. If God wants me to keep searching, He can send me a sign.

As he turned to head into the forest, a figure caught his eye. Shirtless, clad in jeans and a campaign hat, bearing a shovel, his outstretched arm pointed directly at Simon, a challenge. “Only YOU can prevent forest fires.”

It hit Simon like a thunderbolt. I am The Firefighter.

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