Target the Readers

INT. Opulent Board Room – Late Evening

Seven well-dressed men and women sit anxiously around a giant oval table. Floor to ceiling windows on two walls bathe the room in a soft orange glow. Towering buildings populate the landscape.

Mr. Thompson, the man at the head of the table begins to speak.

MR. THOMPSON: Look people, we’ve been at this for years and still haven’t come up with the right answer. Unless we figure out a way to stifle all creativity and intelligence, our kids are going to end up ruling the world. We must turn them into boring, soulless, fools so as to more easily control them.

JOE BOUCHANT: Well, American Idol has been a success so far.

MR. THOMPSON: Agreed. It’s a start. But the really intelligent, creative kids are the readers. They’re the ones we need to target, and they don’t pay attention to American Idol.

A knock at the door. It opens slowly as a young woman steps into the board room.

MR. THOMPSON: Yes? Who are you?

WOMAN: My name is Stephanie Meyer, and I believe I can help you.

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