Triple whammy

Tea room looked like a Starbucks takeover.
“A birthday?” Roz asked uneasily. If we have to sing, I’ll throw up.
“No. Tea guy got fired,”said Phoebe from Accounts, through a mouthful of macadamia latte. “Boss had to get tea. Boss don’t do tea. So, ta-dah!”
Roz blinked with concern. “Orlan? Fired? Why?” Pheobe made her nervous. Most people made Roz nervous. Not Orlan though. Sweet Orlan, secretly writing poetry on her PC when she let him.
“Went postal,” said Phoebe. “Triple whammy, I heard. First his girlfriend ran off with the boss, then he mutilated some innocent kitten. Then he got fired for downloading inappropriate content on the office server. Who’d’ve thunk, huh? Muffin?”
But Roz had gone pale and fled to her desk. Inappropriate content? What had she done, letting him near her computer?
Then she saw it, on her desk. The tiny box, inside lined with pretty tortoiseshell fur, chocolate and vanilla. And inside, a tiny paintbrush. The kitten’s whiskers. Oh dear, thought Roz. I am going to throw up.

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