Connie's Secret

“Hey guys, wha’cha up to?” Tessa called through the mostly empty house, and poked her head into the next room. She beheld her two good friends, Connie and Perry, at a workbench in the far corner, animatedly whispering to each other and exchanging smirks, snickers, and giggles.

Curious, Tessa followed her head into the room. “What’s going on in here?” she asked, leaning against the doorjamb

“Nothing,” Perry answered hastily, turning to face his friend and biting his lip. Fibbing clearly wasn’t his strong point.

Tessa crossed her arms. “Alright, I know you guys know something I don’t. Anybody care to explain?”

Perry looked to Connie hesitantly. Their eyes met, and she nodded.

“Tess?” Connie began slowly, turning back to the redhead. “What if I told you I’m not from Vancouver, but am in fact from a planet 25 light years away?”

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