She ran from the house as flames licked the walls of her room and spread to the rest of the house swallowing it into a giant mass of flame and destruction. Tears ran down her face as she heard the screams of her parents being devoured by the flames. Annalise ran into the woods and hid. Two men in all black emerged from the inflamed house. Their cold, red eyes shone bright in the dark night. Slowly Annalise crept farther into the woods. SNAP! she stepped on a twig, it echoed for what felt like years. Her breath quickened as their heads turned sharply and ran towards her inhumanly fast. She turned and ran as fast as her human legs could go. the two men split and ran on both sides of her closing in. Annalise was running out of time and room up ahead the edge of the cliff was becoming visible she knew what she had to do but she didn’t know if she could do it. “Here goes nothing.” She whispered to herself. She began to transform into a wolf.The two men didn’t slow,they too transformed, but not into werewolves…

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