Courage in the Courtyard (part 1)

To my dismay, that twerp still haunts me in my dreams on occasion. Thankfully, when she appears in them, I do not let her turn them into nightmares. She just taints my dreams a bit with her evil—but I’ve learned by now that her wrath can’t hurt me anymore.

One night I dreamt that we were in the courtyard of a strange, old building and she was holding little Jazzi hostage. My motherly instincts kicking in, I pulled the child out of the evil one’s arms. In response, the twerp yelled at me ferociously and shouted for one of our teachers. Thankfully, Jazzi and I were able to flee before she could pursue us, and we went into the quaint building. But the corridors were unfamiliar, and we didn’t know how to get back to where we started, or to our desired destination. What were they, and could they possibly have been the same place?
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