Road Trip

I am speeding down the highway,
in my motor: I should mention
there’s a dragon in the tailpipe,
and the devil’s in the engine.
Reclining in my bucket seat,
the roads a’flying by,
and the hills and woods are looming;
up above, a starry sky.

See the signposts flash by quickly,
places I don’t care to be.
For I’m heading to the country,
to the forests, mountains, sea.

Well I rev the engine harder,
casting spells with my gear-stick,
as the white lines roll by quicker,
All this speed’s a magic trick.

Then I turn off at the junction,
and head down the dusty path,
hear the crashing waves quite close now,
at the beach they cast their wrath.

Now I flip the car door open,
and I leap into the black,
slip my clothes off – run to water,
dive right in – I won’t be back…

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