backpacks are now illegal

Where am I going to hide my stuff? I’d just die if he found this. Mom has no idea what I do.

It’s that bastard boyfriend of hers. I keep track of him all the time, everything he says, everything he does, everyone he sees. If anything happens to us I’ve left a note in my locker for the police to make sure they get my backpack. Now I have to find another hiding place.

He thinks I’m only 10 and a kid and I don’t see. But I see the bruises. I know she didn’t walk into any doorknob either. I hate him.

I hate the way he talks to us. Tells Mom she’s fat and stupid. Says I’m a little shit when I screw up. I’m not shit, I’m 10. I’m supposed to screw up. What’s his excuse?

He hasn’t held a job in months. So where does he get the money to go out all the time?
I’ve seen him down by the school. I write down when I see him and who I see him with. Some of them are kids. He tells Mom he’s doing drywall work under the table. Bull. I’m 10 and I’ve figured this out. So why can’t Mum?

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