A Note That Was Never Found

Dear Worried Loved One -
If you are reading this note, I am not here right now.
Do not be scared. Do not be worried. Do not call the police.
I am writing this note to spare you the panic of finding me missing.
I have left the house to meet a friend in need. Please understand.
I care deeply about you and I do not wish for you to be alarmed.
Although unlike myself, the cirumstances have forced me to leave.
I have carefully thought this through and planned this out.
I have a flashlight, I have a cell phone, I have common sense.
Yes, I purposely left the bike outside the garage today. Smart, huh?
I am capable of avoiding drunk drivers, rapists, murderers, ect.
I will return to the house early this morning, unharmed.
Now go back to bed, you can hate me tomorrow.

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