F.A.P.C. Justice

Patricia bobbed in the water. She was balancing on a submerged beach ball. She was staring at the lifeguard. She was not watching him so much as keeping him under close surveillance. It was her turn.

The Fifth Avenue Pool Club was the law in these parts. She was a second year member and as such was trusted enough for the duty but not senior enough to dodge it. The F.A.P.C. had been keeping watch on this particular lifeguard for over a week. Ever since he had given a one-day ban to a member. That sort of behavior could not be allowed or people would think they were going soft.

The lifeguard finally moved. He was heading for the kiddie pool. Patricia rolled over and threw the ball into the air. Signal sent and received.

The lifeguard “bumped” into Sally – one of the oldest female F.A.P.C. members. The scream was pitch perfect. The ensuing scramble and firing went as planned.

“Taking out the trash…club style,” Patricia said as she leaned back. Smiling she put on her neon green sunglasses with a flourish.

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