Pacmans Lament

I…. I ate him.
The ghosts were on my tail.
Yellow dots formed a line in front of me, a line I knew would lead somewhere.
I had to eat them. I… I just had to.
Just like I ate….. Iate him.
I turned left, a giant fruit got in my way.
I did what I do best, and ate the fruit.
The fruit burst into a bunch of numbers, there was an electronic beep.
Suddenly, the yellow dots seemed to turn into one big dot, which I also ate.
What…. What is wrong with me?
I turned, the purple ghost was now running from me.
I decided to chase him, have a little fun with it.
My mouth opens and closes involuntarily. Its…. It’s not my fault.
He tripped.
He tripped and I ate him.

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