Alone against a million. (galaga)

“My fleet was completely destroyed. I led us into the trickiest of counter counter reverse counter traps. My strategy failed. Our counter counter was completely anticaipated. It’s hard fighting in a war where your enemy is so much more advanced then you. Of course being lead commander i was given the most powerful ship. . They have been chasing me for days now and i think it is time to make my final stand.” the commander thought

The commander turned his ship around to face the enemy.

“Here we go!” He yelled wildy. He whooped and cried “givem hell” as if he had his fleet behind him.

The Commander wizzed through destroying ship after ship. A strange ship came hand broke a peice of his ship off, stealing one half. He killed the ship and got the half back, and plus some. With dual power he managed to defeat the aramada in front of him. But the enemies resources seemed endless. He was tiring.

“You will tire soon.” they said “Then we will kill you.”

The commander gritted his teeth and fought on.

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