Echoplex (Nine Inch Nails)

Seven years. That’s how long it took to complete my shelter. They told me I was foolish, said I would just rot in here, and they were right.

But so was I.

I saw the signs. I saw the seeds of mankind’s downfall as they germinated and came to fruition. You brought this upon yourselves, you know.

But you can’t get to me… I’m safe.

Safe and alone in here, surrounded by supplies and the detritus left by my solitary existence.

I can hear your cries and admonitions, I hear you pounding at the barrier. Your efforts are meaningless; you are already lost.

I can watch your world through a live feed, streamed to a flickering screen from the cameras outside my bunker. I see the wasteland you’ve created, and I’m comforted by my life in here.

They said I’d rot in here, and they were right. My cupboard is bare, my blankets have frayed, even the journal on which I write is running out of pages.

I don’t mind, really.

I may fade away, but I’ll never give in to what you’ve become.

I just wish I had some company.

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