I Hunger!

“Star-Tracker 1, this is Base Actual, request status on Sector 10,” the comms squelched.
“Base Actual, ST-1, Sector 10 is nomin…. wait!” Lt. Comm. John Childs calibrated his scanner, “We have asteroids, base, repeat, Sector 10 is a BELT,”
There came a cheer from over the comms, “Nice to hear John, begin mining at once; Sinistar is on approach and in our Quadrant,”
John Childs piloted his starcraft to the nearest planetoid and began harvesting Sinisite from it. “Computer, begin purification of Sinisite and arm Sini-bombs,”
“how are you doing John?” Came base actual.
“10 bombs, 10 to go!”
The channel hummed and cracked, “BEWARE, I LIVE! I hunger.”
“SINISTAR ON YOUR 6, ST-1. Get out of there!!”
“Run, Coward!”
The Pilot rocketed amongst the planetoids, mining for sinisite while launching bombs at the Great Head of Sinistar. The sinisite disrupted the bonds which held the alien together ripping it apart, and as the 20th bomb struck, Sinistar exploded in a flash!
“I Hunger!”

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