A Lover's Lament

I have fallen, my love. Fallen down into a pit of despair. I feel split down the middle, cleaved in two, rent into… bah, do you see my torment? I have been reduced to pathetic, redundant synonymizing. A pox on my emotions! I cast them into oblivion! However… I keep only one, for to remove it from me would surely mean my absolute end. Love. Love for you, my darling, and you alone, even if you no longer care about me. I gave you my all. I was elated to be with you, to hold you in my arms. I climbed the highest mountain to be with you, only to be cast down to the ground… by… Him. The betrayer. The red demon. The… it no longer matters. You do not care what I think of him, for your love for him blinds you. And I now know that… I, too, no longer care. If you must leave me, then do so. I’d rather be alone forever than be with anyone but you. So, go. Leave me. But know I’ll always be waiting. Forever.


P.S. – I hear your drive falls a little flat on those Par 5 holes. How about some pointers?

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