Back In Town

She pulled back her long brown hair, and put her bangs up with a tiny clip – they were getting in the way of her interesting read. She was reading one of those teen books that everyone raves about. Her phone beeped. She put the book down, holding her place with a picture that was placed on her nightstand.
She picked up the phone.
1 New Text Message
She opened it, it read;
From: Keira
I thought you’d wanna know, Carter is back in town

She quickly put her phone down on her bed, picked up the book and found her place, marked with the picture. She held the picture for a while and just gazed at it. She then turned it over and read what was written on the back; I will always love you!
It was signed “Carter”
She turned it back over. Why are you back? Just when everything is going great, you decide to show up and screw it all up again. Why? She thought. Why?

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