The Love Of The Crime Series - A Walk In The Past

Mike stood a foot from the porches creaking door, looking down on Summer. Amazed to see that her beauty hasn’t changed since the last time they spoke. It was on this very porch that Mike and Summer spoke, telling each other about their dreams. Mike was the one person who felt the need to stay back and help his grandfather on the farm, and await the arrival of his father. Summer wanted to explore the California cost, become a famous model – the one where you can’t stop looking every time you pass a magazine stand. She wanted to be known in this world, but now she is just a house wife raising kids.

“Can I offer you some coffee?” said Mike.
“Oh I must decline for now; I have to get back to help the kids with their homework.” Summer replied.
“Oh well I do hope you come back around these parts again, I wouldn’t mind catching up on what has happened.” Mike sighed with a heavy heart, hating to see summer leave again.
“I would like that.” Summer smiled as she replied, leaving Mike with a smile of her return.

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