Just For 1 Minute

He strummed his guitar to the beat of his foot.
He sang his heart out to the four walls of his room,
Trying to come up with the best lyrics he could to impress her.
Allowing his melodies of the guitar to become in sync with his passion of love for her.
He was completely out of her league,
If he could just grab her attention just for these couple of minutes,
He could give her the world without even touching her.
He could love her the most then anyone at that second.
He could make love to her on the surface of his eighth notes and sharp major chords.
He could allow her to peacefully sleep on his ballad of a melody.
Those four walls took in his emotions and tears of a perfect woman he called “Brandi”
He sung to those walls as if he was being judged.
But if he only knew, the door was slightly cracked
And Brandi was listening to his beautiful sounds,
Slowly being hypnotized by his voice
She cried as his voiced echoed the hallways
When his song ended,
He opened the door to find her laying unconscious…

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