I felt broken. I stepped back from the room where I saw the love of my life and another woman kissing. I felt as if someone had stabbed me in the back with a knife. I thought he loved me. I thought he would always tell me the truth. I thought this would never happen to me but, it did. “Ryan.” I cried softly. Him and the woman turned around to the sound of my voice. “Tonya?!” He questioned. I took two steps back and ran away from them. “How could he do this!?” I told my best friend, Sammy two days after my heart broke. “I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t the one.” she replied. “I’m so lost.” “Tonya,” Sammy interrupted me. “I want you to do me a favor and come with me to church this Sunday.” “Um,Alright.” I said. That was least from expected. When I thought about church that night, I knew there would be nothing there for me but, when I went with her I learned about someone who would love me forever no matter what I do: God. They said he would never leave me. That day I gave my life to him. He hasn’t let me down yet.

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