The Headline

There it was, on the front of the Weekly World News. LIGHTNING BOLT STRIKES TURKEY – AND COOKS IT TO A GOLDEN BROWN!

“No shit,” said my brother. “No way is that real.” Dan was a year older and prided himself on being a cynic. Sometimes I think he was putting on an act so he could lord himself over everyone else, and that he wasn’t as jaded as he looked.

“I know that,” I said. “You think I ever believe this stuff?” We were home from our respective colleges for the summer and sitting at the table eating breakfast. “It’s only good for a laugh.”

“I wonder,” he said. “Not that I believe them or anything, but… It’s been storming for two days now and Mom’s got that frozen bird she didn’t need for Thanksgiving.”

“No way. Not happening.”

“Not even the least bit curious?” Outside I could see lightning streaking across the sky, and a clap of thunder bellowed out somewhere behind the house.

“Alright,” I said. “Fine.”

Three hours later we had a half-thawed turkey on the lawn and Dan was coming down with the flu.

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