Being Kidnapped Is The Only Way

I was taken to an F.B.I facility where many things were going on. People were carrying on about their many things. The place as a whole just felt intense.
“Richard?” Agent Golhem asked.
“Yes.” I replied.
“This is your trainer Agent Roorke. He will show you how to fight, use a gun and what to do in the situations in which your going to face. Go with him.”
I followed my trainer into another room.

“Ok we have little time so we’ll have to get started.” barked Agent Roorke.
He proceeded to guide me through fighting, shooting and coached me in the acting skills required to not give off that i’m working with the F.B.I.
“There are sensors, trackers and communication devices wired into your clothes.” he said.
“How do I get them out?” I asked.
“You don’t!” he barked at my stupid question. “If you need to speak with us and only when you know you can, you simply lift your arm as if to cover your sneeze and whisper.” he replied.
“We need to go now Richard.” Agent Golhem interupted.
“Good Luck.” said Roorke.

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