Stickin To The G Code.

Nineteen months later.
“Look white you shouen eben be in dis ep (Ep is jail slang deriving from the word episode) jus tell dem peoples wha ya stashed them stacks, ya herd me?”
“You wouldn’t understand, and I don’t remember hiring the infamous Chicken man for legal council.” The man retorted while doing painful squats in cell block four, to rehabilitate his injured leg.
“Ye ain had to ax, ray charles could see them peeps wan them stacks back. Plus de dun crippled yea ass, de wanna let ya bounce they jus need dem ends.” chicken-man snapped back.
The villain stood up on the crippled leg like it had never been hurt and replied to chicken man in a thick New Orleans St. Thomas project accent." Ya startin to rap like you be workin for them people."
“Yo you gettin out there G white.”
“Just stickin to the G code.” The villain replied sarcastically, before going back to his exercises.

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