Notated from Voice Log 101113

The shock of what I have found cannot be expressed in words. I’m linking back to tell you that our world community will simply never be the same—our people, the animals—everything.

We have found a planet with life. It is full of water and oxygen and all the compounds we expected, and the people—the people—they look just like us. They have four limbs, two [eyes, ears]—they are externally, physically similar. The only difference is in their diversity of color. Their range of tones is wider than ours…

Perhaps most importantly, they transmit messages verbally as we do. However, they also have another way that is different from ours. It is hard to describe except to say that it is visual and not sonic, but once we translate some of their language, we may be able to ask them about it.

We have made our presence known to them. So far, no trouble has come of it. In return, they gave us a piece of their visual communication. I will replicate it as best I can:


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