The Good For Nothing Detective

“Sir someone is screaming outside.”
“A scream what type of scream, sharp, low, girlie?”
“A little bit on the girlie side sir. Might I ask why the persons scream matters?”
“It really has no matter in this; I just wanted to finish my crossword puzzle.”
“What if someone is being mugged, or worse murdered.”
“Well what good are you doing by just standing there by the door?”
“I thought maybe I should inform someone. You always tell me to do so sir.”
“Well now if someone out there is being murder don’t you think they have done so already, even before the screaming? Now that is no need for me to stop my crossword.”
“But sir what if they need us now.”
“That is not my problem; it is a big world out there. More people will come into it each day.”
“You don’t have the inspiration anymore do you? you would rather watch the world perish.” The young boy slammed the door as he left the detectives office.

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