You notice that the world begins to be less crowded. Lines are shorter for things; and eventually, non-existant. Overpopulation problems, you hear from the news, are long gone. Food prices fall a bit. The world looks like it will be so much better with a population circa three billion.
Ten years pass. The world continues to fall in population. You notice an enormous amount of homes and expensive products, being sold over any medium available. Everyone wants to sell something; too much open land of the world is now empty housing. The economy grinds to a dangerous halt as too few people are available to buy and produce.
Another ten years pass. You most likely have moved to an urban area rather than having stayed in the suburbs. Yesterday, you got an odd piece of mail telling you to go to the local subway station or risk being in contempt of court. You figure this could be interesting.
You are wrong. The subways run to an alien, underground structure. You are in a line of people, going in, never to come out…

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