History Lesson

The phone being out was potentially bad news but I wasn’t going to let my kids realise anything was amiss, I turned my attention back to my son. “How come you haven’t been taught about the outbreak in your history lessons?”

“We’re doing it next year, once we’re 16. Minors can’t study it.”

“Makes sense, the final death toll was about 15 million and society collapsed afterwards. The fact that we’ve returned to semi-normality just 18 years later is amazing. Luckily the zombies were confined to mainland UK or it would have taken even longer, or never happened.”

“You haven’t answered my question.”

“15 million, true they were mostly in the cities and were dealt with by NATO but there were still thousands unaccounted for. Occasionally some wander back into populated areas, they’re more of a pest than a danger, the compulsory vaccine means no new zombies will get created.”

“The vaccine won’t stop them killing and eating us though will it?”

Teenagers, always asking the questions you don’t want to answer.

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