Darkened Sarah

Darkened Sarah was not afraid. To win the heart of her true love, she had to kill the Shattered King once and for all. Keeping that in mind kept all fear away.

Darkened Sarah was not worried that she would fail. Two years spent gathering every tidbit and whisper of lore. Two years spent going through 1500 scrolls in the Library Of Thorns. She knew the King. Deeply and truly. She knew the flaw, and how to exploit it.

Darkened Sarah was not hurried. She had held her place in these rafters for two days, the shadows masking her presence, along with her Distortion Cloak. If needs be, she could stay another two days.

Darkened Sarah was not overconfident. If she failed, so be it. She faced death with serenity, though she did not welcome it. Prophecy required that her death be violent. It had no such requirements on age.

Darkened Sarah was, however, more than a little pissed. This was the third quest she’d been on and she was only 29. She was sick and tired of the dating scene.

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